A local network of home gardens = A community of food producers!

Victory Gardens 2008+ is a pilot project funded by the City of San
Francisco to support the transition of backyard, front yard, window
boxes, rooftops, and unused land into organic food production areas. The SF Victory Garden program builds on the successful Victory Garden programs of WWI and WWII but redefines "Victory" in the pressing context of urban sustainability.  "Victory" is growing food at home for increased local food security and reducing the food miles associated with the average American meal.

In 2008 we choose 15 households that represented the diversity of
San Francisco to participate in the program. Candidates were chosen
regardless of income, ethnicity, available space, neighborhood,
gardening experience, or lifestyle.

The application process is closed for 2008.

January 1, 2009
Garden Registry Online!!!


January 1, 2009
Garden Registry Online!!!

March 11, 2007
VG2007+ featured in the SF Chronicle.


Join City Garden Registry! Your participation is needed

February 15, 2007
Matt Gonzalez + Amy
Franceschini in conversation

January 27, 2007

Victory Gardens exhibits

See installation photos.

October 29, 2006
First Planting Party

Victory Gardens Pictogram Instructions:

December 17 , 2006
2nd Planting Party: